Wednesday, May 27, 2015



DO OVER PROJECT: Anamorphosis


I communicate through my artwork

This artwork is basically expressing what I feel like inside my head, alone. I've been very distant from friends most of my life. I'm not very social, and usually I'm one to start the conversations, by asking them a question. And sometimes my friends ignore me.0.


For this picture I drew a Katana I found on the internet. There are some problems with it such as erasing the lines on it to make it look like it's actually coming off the paper. But overall I'm satisfied with my conclusion. I put the image of the Katana into photoshop and stretched it to make it look 3D. Then I drew it on a piece of paper (with the help of the grid) and put a shadow underneath it so it looks more believable.

For this picture, I made a shadow of someone's true self. I think it was pretty good. There are some improvements I would want to make but overall; I'm satisfied with the conclusion. I took Sho Minamimoto from the video game The World Ends with You, and put his battle sprite, Leo Cantis, as the shadow in the background.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Drawing Animation

Today in Art we were making animation using images we cut out yesterday. Here's mine

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

12 days of Photoshop

On the First day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us.
how to do cut outs

On the Second day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us.
How to make a shadow.

On the Third day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us.
How to make a body part mashup

On the Fourth day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us.
How to make literal interpretation images.


Man cave


Black mail

Baseball bat

On the Fifth day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us
How to make an animation

On the the Sixth day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us
How to make a movie poster parody

On the seventh day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us.
How to make a mash up

On the Eighth day of Photoshop, Mr. Sands taught us.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Children's monsters

Earlier in April we started to make models of the drawings of children's monsters.

Here is what the original looked like

and here is what mine looked like.

We started by sketching our own versions of the monsters. Which I can't find the image of. Then we started to model them out of clay, after that we put them in the kiln and we started to work on the box art. After we got all the sides done (except for the top and bottom), the monsters were all good to paint. After we painted them, we sprayed the boxes with spray paint, we then glue the labels on and made an opening to the box with clear plastic.

Then we put the monsters in the boxes and covered the boxes in a plastic wrap. And used an heat gun to remove all the access air in the boxes to send back to the kids who made them.

Optical Illusions

An optical illusion is an image that makes you think one thing, but in reality it actually the opposite. Like seeing two pencils are different heights with one longer and the other shorter but when you put them side by side, they are the same height. This is similar to something we did on Monday May 5th 2015.

We started making optical illusions using Photoshop. On Monday, we started by taking an image, putting it in Photoshop, then we stretched it vertically upwards, then we stretched the top two corners stretched horizontally left and right. After that we printed the picture. The day after that, we made a grid on the piece of paper with the image on it, after that we got a second piece of paper, to make another grid on it. to copy the image on. We then drew the image on to the second piece of paper and then colored it. Then we cut part of the paper so that the image looks like it's in 3D. And finally for the finishing touch, we added a shadow under the image to make it look realistic.

Here's mine